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Pricing: Growth-Ready Videos

Easily Create Engaging Video Content Designed for Growth

Partner with Tobe to consistently produce video content that can be leveraged across multiple digital channels, reaching your brand's prospects and customers effectively.


How is this different from hiring an editor?

Our service goes beyond what a traditional editor offers by integrating strategic marketing with video production. By using proprietary templates aligned with specific ROI goals across the buyer's journey, we ensure each video is not only well-edited but also strategically crafted to meet your growth objectives. Plus, our use of AI, automation, and a dedicated editing team allows for rapid, scalable video content creation with minimal effort on your part, making it a comprehensive solution for consistent video output. That's a lot to ask of any editor!

Do I have to sign a contract?

We require an initial 3-month commitment. This is because of the upfront onboarding needed to start creating semi-custom videos for you. After the first 90 days, Tobe Products provide flexibility for you to cancel with 30 days' notice.

What long form video content can I use?

You can convert any type of long-form content that has decent audio and video. This includes podcasts, interviews, speeches, presentations, webinars, and other types of long-form video content, typically 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

What types of brands do you work with?

We work with both B2B and B2C brands that generally range from $5mm - $50mm in revenue. We have a number of enterprise clients that produce $500mm+ in revenue as well. The brands we work with span Professional Education, Professional Services, B2b SaaS, Real Estate, and Membership/Association. We also have extensive experience with paid marketing with eCommerce brands. 

What if I already have an agency?

That's perfectly fine! We designed Tobe Products to fill specific gaps in your existing growth strategy. This particular product helps you create content that your current marketing agency can utilize. If your agency already has this content need covered, there's no need to proceed further!

What if I don't have any source video?

If you don't have existing content to edit into short-form videos, our Interview product is here to help. Conducted virtually with our live interviewer, this service helps you create topical and fresh video content. We identify key questions beforehand to tap into awareness-level topics, boosting your organic reach. By researching in advance, we're able to produce growth-ready videos that enhance your brand's visibility.