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Exponential growth in ZENTS' eCommerce revenue

With content and paid media, we were able to help a luxury skincare brand drive more revenue through new and existing customers.

Zents_Cosmetic Product Illustration


  • Content
  • PPC


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads


  • Reduce reliance on promotional and sales messaging
  • Increase revenue during holiday season

Project Overview

ZENTS had a strong presence in luxury spas but faced some hurdles in selling directly to consumers. ZENTS had been relying on promotion-based marketing (such as discounts) to drive sell-through and re-engage previous buyers, especially during holidays and heavy promotional periods. Because ZENTS creates luxury products, price-based strategies were not aligned with their company culture. 

ZENTS engaged Tobe to develop content-based offers to build the marketing funnel, as opposed to heavy sales and discount-based messaging. Instead of promoting their sales through PPC, ZENTS wanted to promote value-based content to start the marketing journey.

Our Work

How we helped ZENTS increase revenue while reducing heavy sales and promotional messaging


Developed gift guides, scent guides, and other content to use as lead magnets in upper funnel PPC campaigns.


Designed and produced high-quality, luxury oriented creative for use in paid social campaigns.


Developed email campaigns for all opted-in contacts from upper funnel PPC campaigns to allow for nurturing and eventual re-targeting.
Launched re-targeting campaigns with promotional offers to convert warm prospects to customers.

Results: Conversion

By taking a content-based approach to PPC, designing a corresponding email nurture campaign, and retargeting nurtured prospects, we were able to Increase revenue by 80% from the same promotion in the previous year. Additionally, we were able to increase overall eCommerce channel revenue by 25% versus the same quarter of the previous year.