About Us

A business is born when an ambitious individual sees a need, and finds a way to fill it.

For Tobe’s founder, Andrew Hong, the need was pretty glaring. Andrew saw an endless sea of marketing agencies treating growth with their clients like a transaction.

Those transactional agencies are still out there, in fact, creating top-of-funnel content without even thinking about where the leads will go next.

They’re still building campaigns with zero concern for whether the client has the process and tools they need to convert prospects.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, management consultant, and passionate digital marketer, Andrew knew he had the solution: a hybrid marketing/media/consulting company that could build strategies incorporating Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Creative Media to help brands grow.

In short, the solution was to build a true growth agency.


What We Do

You can find Tobe’s team in the trenches with our partners, fine-tuning flywheels and funnels, building sales and marketing architecture from the ground up, and creating content with a data-driven perspective.

For us, growth is not just about numbers and metrics. It’s about finding leads and turning them into extra sticky customers. It’s about digging beneath the project, beneath the campaign, and unearthing opportunities. It’s about going the extra mile so we can both grow together.

Sometimes this means giving marketing feedback to your product team. Helping you design a marketing/sales reorg. Working with your finance team to dial in advertising budgets. Or just putting in extra hours that we can’t account for—and that’s okay

It’s why we PARTNER with brands.


What's Next

Remember how marketers felt about social media in the mid-2000s? It sounded cool, but most businesses were slow to catch on.

However, within a few years, a social media presence became mandatory. Marketers scrambled to establish a foothold and learn the ropes.

That’s exactly what is happening right now with rich media in the Content Marketing world.

Video and audio content are no longer just for media companies and flashy brands. Soon, it will become an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy.

Our passion is to help SMBs lead the charge with high quality rich-media content, backed by sustainable strategies.