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Consumers, just like you, turn to search engines for solutions and answers to their pain points. What are they ultimately searching for? CONTENT. Particularly videos and podcasts, which are appealing, easy to consume, and focused on a specific topic.

Content is what gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience. Effective content demonstrates both that you understand the challenges your market faces, and that you have the solution.

The two key principles of content marketing are value and findability. Your content should be useful, and your audience should be able to come across it both organically and inorganically.

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A lot can go awry with content marketing. To start, you may not have the right content offerings, and you may not have a way to produce the content you really need. Additionally, you may not have a solid strategy to distribute the content and draw leads through SEO.


Without content, you have no way of connecting with your target audience. If you have content but aren’t seeing traffic, you’re probably lacking an effective keyword strategy. Additionally, your content may not be addressing the actual questions, interests, and challenges of your potential leads.


Your target audience is using search engines like Google and YouTube every day to find answers to their pain points. At Tobe, we dig to the root to discover what your audience is searching for, and use those findings to craft your content strategy. Then, we develop distribution strategies to help the right people land on your valuable content.

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