Sales Enablement

Aligning your sales and marketing teams brings major payoffs. You’ll experience better lead qualification, smoother prospect handoffs, more efficient and informed follow-up, and ultimately a higher number of sales.

If your teams aren’t on the same page, chances are your pipeline is bleeding revenue or you’re wasting all those awesome leads your marketing efforts generated.

That’s where we come in to help guide you!

Tobe Agency Sales

Our Approach

Tobe helps businesses align marketing and sales efforts by implementing the right content, processes, and tools to properly enable your teams.

A well-managed CRM and advanced sales automation tools can help you maximize your team’s workflows and create a frictionless deal pipeline.


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What You Get

The “smarketing”-savvy squad at Tobe will assess and diagnose your current sales-to-marketing pipeline. We’ll equip your sales team with middle and bottom of funnel content that makes closing leads a piece of cake. Plus, we’ll help with team-to-team communication and CRM management.

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In-House Capabilities 

Tobe has everything you need to align your sales and marketing efforts:

  • Sales Content Production

Arming your sales team with useful, effective content is a total game-changer. We’ll work directly with your sales team to create content that makes them more efficient and effective, so they can close more deals in less time.

  • Sales Campaign Development

Inbound and outbound sales campaigns are crucial for your team to engage and convert potential customers. Tobe’s experts will develop pre-planned sales strategies for turning leads into closed deals.

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

Getting your teams to work in synchronization with each other starts with communication. We’ll bring all parties to the table to identify lead sources, define lead qualifications, establish lead assignment SLAs, and build your sales playbook to help close more sales.

  • Sales Automation

Your sales team has a simple mission: sell more, and sell quickly. In today’s digital sales landscape, data entry and redundant tasks create unnecessary drains on your sales team’s productivity. Tobe can help your sales team automate the boring stuff, so they can focus on what they do best—selling.

Aren't Sure What You're Looking For?

Our solutions can solve for all your necessary needs.


Drive Traffic, Increase Awareness

A lot can go awry with content marketing. To start, you may not have the right content offerings, and you may not have a way to produce the content you really need. Let us help you develop a solid strategy to distribute the content and draw leads through SEO. 


Drive Conversions, Generate Leads

You may find yourself clocking great numbers on your web pages, but not seeing substantial conversions from that traffic. Your distribution strategy is working smoothly but the action stops at the top of your funnel. Now what? We've got the solutions to guide you.


Drive Traffic & Conversions with Video Podcasts

Most people who produce a podcast struggle to generate traffic and leads from their efforts. Most marketers aren’t maximizing their video podcast content across multiple channels. Our team of podcast pros will help you build a compelling show from start to finish. 

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