Exhibit Options: Evergreen Marketing Videos

The Client

Exhibit Options is a full-service exhibit house. They design, render, and manufacture custom and modular trade show booths as well as providing trade show services such as shipping, assembly, take-down, and more.


The Challenges

What sets Exhibit Options apart from other exhibit houses is that everything is done in-house, from conceptualization to the actual fabrication of all trade show booth components. It’s hard to convey the full scope of their capabilities in writing—which is exactly the issue Exhibit Options was running into.

Tobe’s analysis revealed the need to present Exhibit Option’s unique selling propositions and family-oriented company culture through more effective mediums and streamlined distribution channels.


The Solution

Tobe worked with Exhibit Options to create a series of evergreen videos to be used in sales and marketing efforts. The series includes four videos:


    1. Culture: A fun and whimsical portrayal of life behind the scenes at Exhibit Options. Turns out they’re people, just like us!

    2. Who We Are: Highlighting the expertise of the Exhibit Options team. Trade show booths are a steep investment, and customers need to know they’re working with experienced professionals.

    3. Capabilities: Exhibit Options executes complicated designs and massive manufacturing jobs in-house, rather than outsourcing. A video is the best way to demonstrate the scale of these projects.

    4. Design: Trade show booths are as unique as the companies who order them. The Design video is a way to showcase the skills and talents of the Exhibit Options design team as they bring trade show booth dreams to reality, exactly as the customer has specified.

The Results

    • Significant increase in replies to and engagement with cold outreach emails when sales staff utilized video content
    • Increase in website engagement when “About Us” text was replaced with informative videos


The Impact

With video content, Exhibit Options has a more effective way to portray company culture and the capabilities that differentiate them from competitors. The Sales team at Exhibit Options has also benefited from having more video content, as they are currently using video in all of their outbound email marketing.

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