Case Study: Elite Healthcare Webinar Series Part 2

If you haven't already - check out part 1 of this case study here. 


Elite Healthcare helps healthcare professionals fulfill licensing requirements and continue to develop their professional knowledge. Elite Healthcare’s online coursework consists of both pre-recorded and virtual classroom options, and they serve healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

The Challenge

Elite Healthcare needed to create a marketing video to introduce their new product and provide a high-level overview of the features and benefits. The video would also be used as an advertisement for the new product, and needed to be relevant to current times (referring to the COVID-19 pandemic).

The client had a specific vision for the video. They wanted it to be very high-quality, and it needed to be created quickly because of the time-sensitive nature of the new product.

Complicating matters, the Tobe team was unable to travel to the client due to social distancing restrictions at that time. The client’s budget would not accommodate production locally in LA.

The Solution

Rather than spending time and resources to re-record the webinars, we handed the footage to our post-production experts. 

Our team added motion graphics and images to make the webinars more appealing and engaging and cleaned up audio and video where needed to create a more polished result.

We also trimmed portions of the webinars into micro-content. 15-minute segments were created for easier consumption, and minute-long clips were extracted to be distributed on social media and webinar trailers. 

Elite decided to film the advertisement themselves, but the results were not what they’d hoped for.

The Result

Tobe’s production team blended Elite’s self-created content with stock footage and motion graphics to create a professional-level video. The result was a polished video that accurately portrayed Elite Healthcare’s sophistication and commitment to quality.

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