Elite Healthcare: Webinar Series Part 1


Elite Healthcare helps healthcare professionals fulfill licensing requirements and continue to develop their professional knowledge. Elite Healthcare’s online coursework consists of both pre-recorded and virtual classroom options, and they serve healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic affected individuals and professionals around the world, but Elite Healthcare understood that their customers, healthcare professionals, would be severely impacted. In response, Elite filmed a webinar series diving into issues related to providing healthcare during COVID19.

The webinars had valuable content but were not polished to a professional level of quality. Additionally, we found that the client was not getting the most out of their efforts as the valuable video content could not be used for other channels, such as social media and previews on their registration pages.

The Solution

Rather than spending time and resources to re-record the webinars, we handed the footage to our post-production experts. 

Our team added motion graphics and images to make the webinars more appealing and engaging and cleaned up audio and video where needed to create a more polished result.

We also trimmed portions of the webinars into micro-content. 15-minute segments were created for easier consumption, and minute-long clips were extracted to be distributed on social media and webinar trailers. 

The Result

Video content, that would have been abandoned, was “refurbished” into a relevant, impactful, and well-executed series to be used throughout Elite Healthcare’s strategy.





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