Zents: Digital Brand Guide

The Client

ZENTS is a high-end skin care company focused on providing mindful, clean ingredients without sacrificing luxury.



Cohesive branding across all channels.

Despite having a strong brand personality and compelling brand story, our client struggled to establish cohesive messaging across all digital channels.

For example, their website messaging took a deep, spiritual perspective while email copy was discount-focused with more casual language. Additionally, images and design used for things like social media posts were often not aligned with those included on the client's website, packaging, etc.  

The client needed a way to unite social media, blog posts, marketing materials, website copy, and other customer-facing content.


Build a strong foundation - A Digital style guide.

The Tobe digital design team saw an opportunity to create a comprehensive, top-to-bottom digital style guide for the company. 

The style guide would include elements like brand voice, typography, color schemes, logo guidelines, iconography, photography, and words and phrases to include or avoid.

To ensue that the style guide would be useful and effective, Tobe began with a full-spectrum assessment of the client's mission, goals, target audience, brand personality, and values.  

What we discovered is that the current style guide needed to portray a lifestyle, not just a brand personality. Every aspect of the style guide would need to represent a lifestyle focused on physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and a lavish, pampering attention to one’s spa rituals.


Digital brand guide that unified look and feel between all of their digital assets.

Tobe’s designers produced a complete and functional style guide to serve as a foundation for their marketing efforts. The client and any associated agencies or designers now have a reference point for all copy, tone, and imagery that is coherent and useful.

The style guide will allows the client to scale marketing efforts while keeping all communications consistent with their brand personality, their voice, and their values.

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