Styra: Top to Bottom HubSpot Implementation for Sales Enablement


RevOps alignment and uniform processes.

1. Marketing and Sales

Although Styra is a cybersecurity company, much of their lead generation activities take place in-person. Styra participates in industry trade shows and conferences, where they would gather leads on-site and distribute to their sales team.

Styra did not have an efficient system in place to collect, track and qualify leads arriving via offline sources. Typically, Styra’s marketing team would manually research the location of each lead and assign them to sales by territory. 

Additionally, both online and offline leads lacked customer lifecycle information. This made it difficult to discern whether a prospect was marketing-qualified or ready for sales outreach. 

2. Customer Success

Styra’s customer renewal rate was also impacted by their lack of RevOps alignment. Efforts to retain clients were not coordinated, and was missing key analytics that could enable sales efforts. 

Further impacting retention efficiency, Styra’s Customer Success Team was using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to track approaching renewals.

3. Reporting

An overall absence of reporting metrics such as lead source, lifecycle stages, usage, cancellations/churn, etc created costly inefficiencies throughout Styra’s RevOps functions. 

Potential conversions, sales, and renewals were being missed at critical stages, keeping Styra from meeting their revenue and growth potential.


Tobe’s objective was to create and streamline a RevOps function that would cover everything from lead generation and qualification to sales and customer success. 

1. Marketing

Tobe developed a process for offline source attribution using HubSpot workflows, custom properties, and reporting. This process solves Styra’s lead generation challenge and helps them measure the effectiveness of their offline marketing efforts.

Our team also defined and implemented lead scoring as a means of lead qualification based on engagement at offline events or via lead conversion activity (such as form submissions and demo requests) for online assets. 

Additionally, Tobe overhauled Styra’s sales/marketing funnel to implement customer lifecycle stages and lead statuses to enable segmentation, reporting, optimization, and automation efforts.

2. Sales

The implementation of lifecycle stages and lead statuses was also essential to Styra’s sales-to-marketing handoff. 

Tobe automated lead qualification to better align sales and marketing. This process was based on lead scoring and customer lifecycle stages.

The lead assignment process was also automated to assign contacts to a respective territory based on their location, and only when certain criteria were met.

3. Reporting

Tobe built reporting around Styra’s specific needs. We set up data requirements in the sales pipeline to standardize the data input at each stage and to allow for both manual and automated reporting.

4. Customer Success

To allow for management of renewal deals, Tobe Implemented a set of requirements provided by the client that would automatically duplicate renewal deals in Closed Won.

Tobe also developed a workaround to allow Styra to report on specific deal data, such as “Days to Expiration.” We built deal views that allowed the Customer Success Team to track and manage approaching renewals using HubSpot rather than an excel spreadsheet. 

The Results

Styra now has three integral RevOps tools:

  • A deliverable document that can be used as a guide/training manual
  • Automated lead qualification
  • A beginning to end system designed to enable revenue operations
The team at Tobe have been instrumental in building our first site, all our leadflow automation, and our digital programs. Whether it's concrete tasks like translating designs into web, or more consultative work like building lead scoring and driving automation into campaigns, the team at Tobe are responsive, professional, and willing to pitch in at a moment's notice! They feel like a natural extension of my own team - I don't have to stay on top of deliverables, don't have to waste time with meaningless "vendor" meetings for meetings' sake, and best of all I get best practices and quality deliverables every time. Highly recommended for Hubspot CMS web, campaign, scoring, and automation work!
Chris Webber, Styra


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