Real Estate Express: Video Content

About the Client

Real Estate Express is an online continuing education platform for real estate professionals to meet licensing requirements and advance their careers.


Traffic and Awareness.

REE needed a hand in bringing an informative, personal angle to their top-of-funnel content. Tobe’s challenge was to create useful, valuable video content to lead organic traffic to their YouTube channel.

As an online education platform, Real Estate Express depends on digital aptitude to execute their business strategy. It was important for their video content to be polished, fresh, and engaging in order to reflect REE’s technological prowess. A video shot and edited on an iPhone just wouldn't do it.

Additionally, the client lacked resources such as time, recording equipment, and personnel prepared to appear on-screen. All video content would need to be formulated, recorded, and produced by Tobe.


Top of Funnel Content with a COVID-19 Curveball.

The Tobe video team got to work creating a series around common questions related to obtaining real estate licensure. The client provided basic scripts for each video. Our team then expanded upon the scripts and created versions specific to each state served by REE.

To maintain safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, Tobe used “in-house” talent to appear in videos and provide voiceovers. The videos were then edited, and graphics and other post-production elements were added.

To go with their impeccable new videos, Tobe developed a sound YouTube strategy and optimized their channel. These efforts ensured that top-of-funnel traffic would find the content and continue to move through the sales process efficiently.


Real Estate Express now has high quality videos to attract new leads and to be used in other areas throughout their marketing efforts and sales cycle. The videos are well-made, modern, branded, and contain useful information for potential REE students.

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