The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing: Video Podcast


ILHM faced a few challenges related to content.

First, the client needed a way to create more top-of-funnel traffic and awareness. Realtors looking to break into the luxury home market constitute a niche audience, and ILHM needs to be visibly positioned to scoop up as many qualified leads as possible. 

Secondly, ILHM needed an effective new form of content to connect with prospects and position themselves as experts in their field of professional-level education. Once leads entered the inbound flywheel, we found that ILHM was lacking a diverse selection of engaging content to demonstrate value and drive conversions. 

Finally, ILHM had limited resources as far as time, personnel, and budget to solve their marketing challenges.


Give the people what they want.

We decided on a video podcast as a way to drive awareness and create quality engagements through new channels. 

A video podcast would allow ILHM to take advantage of YouTube’s search engine as well as Google’s video results. Additionally, we knew that video podcasting would be an appealing and effective way to present useful, in-depth content to ILHM’s target audience. 

The video podcast would be developed and produced in-house to accommodate the client’s budget, personnel, and time constraints.

We utilized a pillar strategy: each episode consisted of a 1-hour interview with a respected real estate expert or other important industry figure. 

The full episode was uploaded to the client’s YouTube channel, and an audio-only version of the content was distributed via top podcasting platforms. Then, the video podcast was edited into microcontent to be used across social media channels, web pages, and other areas where shorter video clips are effective.

Tobe also focused on building a strong strategy around ILHM’s YouTube presence by rebranding their channel to align with their brand personality, and optimizing all video podcasts for YouTube searches.


From zero content to real organic growth.

ILHM’s YouTube channel reflected substantial growth as a result of their new video podcast and surrounding optimization:


Copy of 4,000+


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