The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing: Paid Search Campaign


Promoting an in person event.

ILHM (Institute for Luxury Home Marketing) needed to drive people to sign up for a 2 day, in-person conference.

This particular event focused on people new to the ILHM brand, not previous attendees.


A two-pronged approach.

The first step in promoting the event was to target people who had never interacted with the brand. With the specific persona in mind, we delivered high level awareness messaging around the ILHM brand via Facebook and Google AdWords. This messaging focused on the benefits of the courses. We also made sure to target those who were based within a 50 mile radius from the event. This allowed our messaging to be very focused on a very specific market.

We then took those who interacted with the ads, and presented retargeting ads. The secondary ads had specific, conversion-based messaging, highlighting the key benefits of the course.

Clicks from the retargeting ads were then driven to a custom landing page, which provided provided the prospect more information, and an easy way to sign up for the course.


COVID-19's impact on in-person events

While we started the initial tests for this campaign, we were seeing consistent 3X return on ad spend. 

While we prepared to scale this campaign, we advised ILHM that a virtual 2 day conference on a national scale would help with their results.

As we were in preliminary discussions to adapt to a virtual event, we went head first into the world of COVID-19.


Pivot, Pivot, Pivot.

With a slight adjustment to the delivery, we focused our attention on a national campaign. Because of our initial testing, and the foresight to prepare for a virtual class (with the same content), we were able to scale the campaign and take advantage of a larger audience. This resulted in:


Copy of 4,000+ (1)


A long term solution.

Because we were able to adjust quickly, and help develop the virtual conference, ILHM not only saw great return on ad spend, but is set up for success moving forward. Working with Tobe also allowed ILHM to be able to transition quickly.

Having the ability to have successful conferences in person or digitally has greatly increased the sustainability and profitabilty of ILHM for years to come.

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