The Institute: Marketing Overhaul

The Client

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM) is an online school created to educate real estate agents aiming for success in the luxury home market. Working with affluent buyers and sellers and marketing upper-tier real estate requires specialized knowledge. ILHM provides training and resources to real estate agents through online courses.


The Challenges

    • ILHM had purchased HubSpot to facilitate their marketing efforts, but were running into major integration issues. Because their existing systems were not integrated into HubSpot correctly, none of their reporting was correct. For example, ILHM was unable to accurately track conversion rates or segment out Leads, MQLs, SQLs, and Customers.

    • Customer data was not correctly segmented, which severely hindered ILHM’s email marketing efforts. Introductory offer emails were going to current students, and new leads were receiving emails created for students who had already completed their training.

    • Not only were important marketing messages not making it to the right target audience, but real estate agents in the ILHM database were also becoming very frustrated after receiving irrelevant communications.


The Solution

Tobe’s first order of business was a major data cleanup. Tobe performed an in-depth analysis of ILHM’s previous marketing strategies, data origination, and business goals. From there, we were able to sort the data into Leads, MQLs, and SQLs. 

Tobe then worked closely with ILHM’s developer to correctly integrate their e-commerce system with HubSpot so that leads stayed separate from customers.

Our final step was to build campaigns specific to the new segments we had established. Introductory content and promotions went leads, and upsell campaigns were delivered to customers.


The Results

    • Email open rates increased by over 30% 
    • Email click rates improved by over 5%
    • Top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel conversion rates for opted-in contacts increased by 200%


The Impact

With systems correctly integrated, data properly segmented, and optimized campaigns in motion, ILHM was set up for continued, scalable growth:

    • Fewer angry customers (always a good thing)
    • Ability to build more scalable marketing campaigns
    • Fast and easy campaign iterations
    • HubSpot reporting is consistent and reliable

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