Beatsource: HubSpot Implementation

The Challenge: 

Beatsource is a subscription-based music service for DJs, using the billing platform Recurly to manage client memberships and transactions. Without Beatsource, Recurly, and HubSpot (Marketing Enterprise and Sales Pro) integrated, the client was facing several hurdles:

  • No automatic deal creation
  • Lack of segmentation based on subscription tiers
  • No way to create hyper-relevant messaging for marketing and customer success efforts

Despite having all the platforms they needed, Beatsource did not have the framework in place to enable them to work together. As a result, all marketing, sales, and renewal efforts were falling flat. 

Beatsource’s developers needed support with integration and with automation of functions moving forward.

The Solution: 

Tobe’s team began by working with Beatsource’s developers to build the architecture of the integration:

  •  Implementation and configuration of Marketing Hub Enterprise

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise would allow Beatsource to automatically create and manage deals in HubSpot based on subscription and billing triggers from Recurly. It was important that deals remain up-to-date based on specific requirements and triggers.

  • Logic development for deal movement:

Tobe used the “Deal Description” to store each deal’s subscription tier. This allowed the client to segment their messaging based on the customer’s current tier. We also used active lists to aggregate contacts with deals in X stage with XYZ deal description.

  • “Free Trial” stage incorporation: 

Any contact who signed up for Beatsource would start in a 30-day free trial. After the trial expired or was canceled, the deal would move to the appropriate stage.

  • Establishment of deal pipelines:

Tobe set up a single deal pipeline in HubSpot and configured deal stages to align with the client’s products and product lifecycles.

The Result:

We've created a system that allows Beatsource to use deals to track memberships and membership tiers, so that they can build segmentation and send appropriate email messaging based on the contact's position in the funnel / buyer's journey.

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